We are in more than 45 countries.

Balm Tattoo is a DelabCare company, a laboratory specialized in the development of dermatological creams and specialized in formulations with optimal tolerance, always following the strictest pharmaceutical guidelines. Products formulated with carefully selected ingredients, always looking for the most effective and least irritating. Formulations without parabens, without phthalates, without sulfates, without dyes, without propylene glycol, without silicones ... with which we offer our clients high quality products for the care of sensitive skin, with maximum reliability. Balm Tattoo creams have been developed with the advice of the most recognized tattoo artists in the tattoo sector. Our catalog is the product of the joint work of our pharmacists and theĀ guidelines specificĀ to the tattoo industry.

All our products are dermatologically tested by external laboratories, guaranteeing the best results and the necessary safety for skin care. Balm Tattoo is found in more than 50 countries and is used by more than 50,000 professional tattoo artists. A range of products for the skin endorsed by our millions of clients and promoted since its inception by all those tattooists concerned about the care of their clients' skin. Balm Tattoo currently has official divisions in 15 countries, although it is possible to find its catalog in national partners in the vast majority of countries in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

Balm Tattoo has ethics based on the values of sustainable development, respect for human rights and working conditions, compliance with the law of the countries in which we operate and the confidentiality of the data of all our clients. On the other hand, Balm Tattoo expects all its suppliers to protect the human rights of their employees and treat them with dignity and respect. The entire supply chain of Balm Tattoo guarantees intolerance to child labor and the resources necessary to produce goods and services in accordance with applicable safety regulations.

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